Wednesday, 20 July 2011

An Introduction

Before I begin the waffling, I thought it would be best to introduce myself.

My name is Mama J (not the name on my birth certificate but when do you ever get the opportunity to be mysterious in life?)

I am 28 and live with my partner (or boyfriend, whichever you prefer) and our two girls, The Jellyfish and Boo (again, not their real names. I am cruel - but not that cruel).

The Jellyfish is 8 and so spends much of her time at school - but only for two more days and then it is the dreaded Summer holidays, which I actually like. I'm a Stay at Home Mum (formally known as a Full Time Mum) and so the six weeks holidays = Lie In. Big Wahoo!

Boo is 2 and is very terrible. Really. People don't believe me because she is so cute but she is a PEST. A lovely pest but a pest all the same. She is in week 3 of potty training and doing fab. Very proud of her.

The four of us live in a small and very messy two bed terrace in Manchester. We currently reside with a rabbit called Oli (who actually lives outside in her hutch) and some stick insects. The less said about them the better. In previous years we have done the butterfly garden thing but this year The Partner won me over (just about) and so we have Sticky and another whose name I can't remember. I refuse to even look at them.

So that's it for now I think. That's me and my family.

Talk soon

Mama J

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