Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Library

I haven't borrowed a book fom the library for quite some time - I was a mum of one the last time so at least two and a half years ago (but I'm thinking more like four). I have been to the library - The Jellyfish took part in the summer reading challenge last year and there were weekly space-themed activities and Boo and I used to go to Rhyme Time on a Monday afternoon until it was cancelled.

But, although the kids borrowed books, I never did. This was for two reasons:

1)   I had a fine on my ticket
2)   There weren't any books I was interested in (and therefore not woth paying the fine)

Today me, The Jellyfish and Boo had a walk down to the library so The Jellyfish could sign up for the summer reading challenge (circus theme this year).

The library is great for the kids with tiny table and chairs, cubes to sit on, crayons and pictures to colour and obviously millions and millions of books. The Jellyfish is into Jacqueline Wilson and the Sleepover Club type books and there are loads of them. Pink covers with cartoon girls with tales of friendships and first crushes. They are the chick-lit for the little generation, the kind of books I would have adored when her age but instead we had The Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley Twins (and though I did love those, there wasn't much varierty). If an 8 year old Mama J walked into the library these days, she'd be in Book Heaven and wouldn't want to leave.

But Mama J these days? Meh. There is still the fine on my ticket because there wasn't a book worth paying the fine for. They are the same old books that were there the last time I used my ticket - either read or didn't want to read.

I'm a bit out of touch when it comes to books these days. With every spare penny going towards our holiday (only 5 months to go - wahoo!), I haven't bought a new book for... Who knows? I can't remember. So, armed with a list of new and quite new releases that looked interesting, off I went to the library.

There was not one Paige Toon, Lucy Diamond or any of the other authors on my list and they didn't even have the new Lisa Jewell (which I WILL buy anyway, holiday or no holiday). I feel cheated. The kids came away with three books each and I came away with zilch.

It's fantastic the effort they have put in to encourage kids to read but what about the skint grown ups?

Still, we had a nice morning reading books on the squishy blue chairs and colouring pictures of Humpty Dumpty and the Little Teapot. Wish I had a new book to read though...

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