Thursday, 21 July 2011

Trying Something New

When buying books, I always judge it by its cover (naughty Mama J). The title has to draw me in but the most important aspect of the cover, for me, is the design.

Almost always (and I think the only exceptions are Adele Parks' novels and an old copy of Marian Keyes' Watermelon) I choose books with cartoon covers. Skinny women with pointy toes, some with faces, some without. Cartoon cakes etc. Bright and cheerful and very chick lit.

I don't stray away from this unless I already know I love the author. Chick lit is what I like and these sort of covers deliver (although, obviously, you have to check the blurb too).

But a few days ago I decided to Try Something New. Ok, ok, it isn't something totally out there. It's still girly and romancy (perhaps too much) but it is something I have never read before

a Mills & Boon book

Wow. I'm actually embarrassed to type that. Mills & Boon is what my mum used to read back in the 80s. But I am going to give one a go, which is mostly to do with the fact it was free

Freebie Alert

I sent off for the book and it arrived yesterday. I have to say, the cover isn't quite as bad as mum's copies were. I am still skeptical though.One half shows a woman with bright pink lipstick eating a pink ice lolly while the other half shows a topless man surfing.

My plan is to read the book (once I have finished the book I am in the middle of) and then give my verdict. Who knows - I might actually like it...

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