Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bookcase Invaders

Bookcases are meant for books, right? The clue is in the title. So why, just weeks after it was tidied, is my bookcase being invaded with 'stuff'?

The bottom shelf has been invaded for years - when we moved into this house 8 years ago, our million CDs were dumped on the bottom shelf and never touched again. I keep looking at them and vow I will shift them and claim back my book space. I told myself that again a few weeks ago when I tidied the rest of the shelves yet they're still there.

Also on the bottom shelf is a Vegetarian Cookbook. Yes, it's a book. Fair enough. But I haven't been a vegetarian for ten years! Next to that book is a Beauty Therapist course book and guess what? I was last on that college course twelve years ago and have no intention of going back to complete it.

At least those two are books but there are other invaders lurking on the shelves. I have six Me To You bears and a boxed Me to You cup, a Koala and a monkey called Georgie Porgie, who is older than me. There is also a trinket box with The Jellyfish's cord clip and (apologies) the stumpy bit of cord.

Today I added something else - a box of hair dye (damn those grey hairs - I'm 28!!! wah!) which got me thinking. This is a bookcase, isn't it?

One day I will have a bookcase that will contain only books. But until then, I will have to put up with my bookcase housing anything and everything.

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