Thursday, 18 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother

First Impressions:

Not good.


  1. Kerry Katona. I'm fighting the urge not to switch over
  2. Tara Reid - meh
  3. Gypsy Guy - also meh
  4. Amy Childs - Give the girl a bloody dictionary so she can learn a few more words. 'You have to wait and see' (I don't want to) and 'You never know' (I don't want to) - is that all she can say?
  5. Mr Paparazzi - who?
  6. Sally who? The wife of a parliament dude I've never heard of = celebrity? Really?
  7. A guy who was in Coronation Street for five minutes. Waaaaay famous
  8. Another woman who is famous through her (ex) husband. Oh no, wait, she was in Baywatch a million years ago
  9. Who? A model, you say? Ok. No further comment. Far too meh for words
  10. Jedward - I don't have the energy for these guys
Did they forget this was Celebrity Big Brother?

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