Monday, 1 August 2011

Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger by Heidi Rice

I finally did! Mama j is no longer a Mills & Boon virgin...

So, how did it go? Painful? Uncomfortable or the best read of my life?

My first impression of the book was how thin it is. I haven't read a book that thin since my Sweet Valley High days. In my pre-children days, I could have read a book that size in an afternoon but it actually took me four days.

Day one was Saturday and I managed one measley chapter. I was still being a M&B snob and there was far too much mention of Maddy's nipples already.

Day two was Sunday and I decided to have a soak in the bath and get on with it. I read almost half the book and came out wrinkly.

I then read the other half yesterday and today.

Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger tells the story of Maddy and Ryan, who meet when Maddy rescues Ryan after he knocks himself unconcious with his surf board.

Ryan is a bit of a moody git and he and Maddy give each other lip until they inevitably get together. But neither of them wants an actual relationship. It's all about sex. And isn't it just! Nearly every page is filled with bums, tits and erections. Not the sort of book I usually read and I shall be having words with my mother, who used to read these frequently when I was a kid. Randy mare.

The story was ok and the characters were developed well over such a short space. Although I can't stand the character of Ryan. He is so smug. He has a big willy so he thinks he's God's gift to vaginas. I've read books with smug characters before but they always seem to come (no pun intended) right in the end but Ryan, to me, was obnoxious.

But other than Mr Smug, the book was ok and I've come away slightly less of a snob about M&B. However, they won't be taking up space on my bookcase. This isn't my kind of book at all. I'm into romantic comedies rather than nipples and 'hot cores'.

Verdict: Not quite my cup of tea

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