Saturday, 20 August 2011

Top Ten Friends

Or Best of Friends, if you prefer.

While waffling about my box sets the other day, I started thinking what my favourite episodes of Friends are. So here goes:

  • The One With All The Jealousy
    Although I enjoy the rest of the episode (love bugs, singing quartets and Jurrassic Parker), I could watch Joey's attempt to teach the other auditionees the dance routine over and over again
  • The One With The Embryos
    While Phoebe is having embryos implanted, the others are taking part in a game to win the girls' apartment. My favourite part is when Chandler comes riding in on Pat the Dog
  • The One With The Nap Partners
    I love how uncomfortable Ross and Joey are after they fell asleep together but both want to have 'the best nap ever' again. The look when they wake up and see the others watching them is hilarious
  • The One With All The Cheesecakes
    I love this episode and not just because it involves the best dessert in the world. My favourite part is when Rachel drops hers and Chandler's glee as he comes back out of the apartment to gloat, followed very closely by Joey removing a fork from his jacket pocket to eat it off the floor
  • The One With Joey's Award
    Joey's reaction when he doesn't win the award is brilliant. You know it's how everybody at these kind of awards always feels but never show
  • The One With The Videotape
    Tied with the cheescakes, this is my favourite episode. I love Monica squeezing Rachel's hand so it hurts and Rachel fast forwarding and the Western Europe story being passed along is great
  • The One With The Rumour
    Another great Thanksgiving episode. Phoebe fancies Will even though he despises Rachel and even wants to join the 'I hate Rachel Club', which Will and Ross co-created at high school
  • The One Where Rachel Is Late
    I love how grumpy Rachel is when she overdue and how everyone tries to be careful around her or avoid her. Favourite part is when she yells 'get out' at the baby so everyone does, leaving her sitting alone in Central Perk
  • The One Where Monica Sings
    Nothing to do with Paul Rudd being in this episode of course...

    Monica sings karaoke and the crowd love her - due to her top being see-through. Favourite part is the very end when Chandler sings
  • The One Where The Stripper Cries
    Danny de Vito is ace in this episode, playing an aging stripper who turns up exhausted from climbing all the stairs.

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