Thursday, 18 August 2011

Who Do You Think You Are Part 2

It was J K Rowlings turn to trace her family roots last night and I couldn't help thinking how lucky these celebrities are to have professional help in tracking down their ancestors. It's a shame you have to be a celebrity to take part as I am sure there are lots of equally interesting stories out there from 'normal' folk.

I haven't found any skeletons in the closet so far (although there have been a couple of marriages very close to births). I did, however, find something very interesting (for me, at least).

While researching my grandfather's side of the family, I found another branch from the same tree and got in touch with its owner, who was the daughter of my mum's cousin. The cousins hadn't seen each other in over fifty years, since my mum was a toddler.

We arranged to meet up and they brought the birth, marriage and death certificates they had collected while researching their tree, which is when we found out that me and mum had once lived in the same house as my great grandfather.

Now, this happens all the time when houses are passed down through families but when we had lived in the house we were renting it.

We had always known my grandad was born in the house next door to us but what we didn't know was that his father had lived in our house. He married his widowed neighbour and moved into her house, where my grandad was born.

It was a huge coincidence that we ended up living at the same address and a great story to pass on.

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