Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Film Review - Bridesmaids

I've been waiting ages to watch Bridesmaids and the day finally arrived on Friday.

Annie's life is a bit of a shambles when her best friend announces her engagement. Although Annie will be the maid of honour, she is put out when fellow bridesmaid Helen starts to take over the role.

The film started off a bit slow for me and, after waiting so long with high hopes, I was starting to feel disappointed but this soon fizzled away as the film kicked in. There are loads of laugh-out-loud moments, starting with the disastrous dress fitting. My favourite scenes were on the plane and the meltdown in the garden at the bridal shower.

As well as the funny moments, there were touching scenes too and, of course, the obligitory love story.

Megan, another bridesmaid, stole the film for me. I found her hilarious and would have loved to have seen more of her.

Verdict: Great film. Worth the wait


  1. Oh, the airplane scene totally cracked me up! Great review;)

  2. It was great.

    I wonder what would have actually happened in Vegas...


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