Thursday, 29 September 2011

Top Ten Cakes

Taking inspiration from The Great British Bake Off and my own efforts over the last couple of weeks, I have decided to compile a top ten list of cakes.

Finding the pictures for this was heaven and hell. Heaven because the cakes looked so delicious but Hell because I couldn't reach into the screen and scoff the lot.


Although I'll eat chocolate,
toffee etc cheesecake,
the fruity ones are the best

Black Forest Gateau

Bakewell Tarts

Big, small or medium,
round, square or slice,
I don't care but it
has to be a cherry bakewell

Egg Custard

Chocolate Eclair



Iced or filled with jam or
custard. Just gimme

 French Fancies

Apple Pie

Shop bought on their own
Home made with custard

Yum Yums

Particularly the ones from

What are your favourite cakes?


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