Thursday, 8 September 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About Autumn

I'm not a fan of very hot or very cold weather so autumn and spring are the best months for me. The calendar claims it is still summer but I class autumn as when the new school year starts.

Here are my top ten things I love about autumn:

I love getting snuggled up in thick pyjamas, slippers and my dressing gown

And what better drink is there while you're snugged up warm (discluding alcohol) than hot chocolate? Ocassionally we'll have them with squirty cream and marshmallows. Yum

But there is nothing worse than stripping yourself of toasty dressing gown and slippers and climbing into a cold bed so the hot water bottle comes to the rescue

Then, after dragging yourself out of your nice warm bed in the morning, you need porridge to warm you up. We had our first bowls of porridge of the autumn this morning. Twas yummy

Autumn also gives you the chance to act like a big kid. I love jumping in leaves, especially when they go crunchy

The cooler weather means I can now wear the jumper that has been waiting patiently in my wardrobe. This is not my jumper, by the way. Mine looks nothing like it. It's blue for a start

Halloween is next. It's just around the corner and I can't wait. I love Halloween and don't even mind kids coming knocking at the door. As long as they're not expecting cash. It's lollies and sweets only from this house

And finally - Bonfire Night. They usually do a small display at the local park and I love wrapping the kids up in hats and gloves and watching the fireworks. Not so keen on the local youths lobbing them at each other in the street though...

What do you love about autumn?

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