Sunday, 25 September 2011

TV Highlights of the Week

Big Brother

Bye Bye, Rebeckah

This week was between Rebeckah (aka liar liar pants on fire) and Heaven. I'm no fan of Heaven but it was no contest when up against Ms Pinocchio. I don't usually vote in Big Brother (or any other shows) but this time I wanted Rebeckah gone so much that I voted for Heaven. Twice. Wow, never thought I'd say that!

Downton Abbey

Downton is back! I loved the last series so glad it has returned. I wonder if anything will top Violet almost toppling off the swivel chair from the last series.


Glee is also back! Woo! I wasn't too keen on the song line up this week and I'm a bit disappointed that Blaine has transferred schools. What was wrong with his staying with the Warblers? Nothing wrong with a bit of competition.

The Great British Bake Off

It was an all-female semi final this week. I've been so inspired by the series, I attempted a cake myself this week. It isn't on par with the stuff the contestants on GBBO make but not bad for a first go. Going to make buns (or cupcakes if I must) today.

X Factor

It's bootcamp this weekend. I didn't agree with them bringing 40 contestants to London, only to kick them out the next morning before they'd even had the chance to sing again. I suppose they got a party and a free breakfast but still...

Samantha is my favourite so far. Frankie is bottom. Something about him winds me up.

X Factor US

Auditions started this week on ITV2. What the hell has happened to Steve Jones' accent? He's a welsh man with a welsh accent so why has he gone all American Game Show Host? He's conformed and I don't like it. Be who you are!

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Strictly is back on Friday - yay!
  • Semi Finals of the Great British Bake Off
  • Doctor Who finale

What have been your tv highlights this week?


  1. I agree with you on Rebeckah and Frankie - something pretty unlikeable about both of them. With Rebeckah it's falseness, IMO, and with Frankie it's cockiness. Compulsive viewing though!

  2. I think the female population is supposed to be swooning over Frankie but it isn't working on me. Could be because I'm not a fifteen year old girl though...


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