Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Film Review - Something Borrowed

Based on the book, Something Borrowed tells the story of Rachel, a lawyer who is in love with her best friend's fiance, Dex.

Rachel met Dex while at law school but was too shy to let him know how she felt. Her best friend, Darcy, didn't have the same problem and several years down the line, they are due to be married. But Rachel still has feelings for Dex and, after a party, she finally confesses that she had a thing for him while at college and they spend the night together.

I haven't read the book but liked the look of the movie trailer so I gave it a go. It wasn't the best film I ever seen but I enjoyed it. It was a romantic comedy with a difference because we are somehow rooting for Rachel, even though she has cheated with her best friend's fiance. It helps that the character of Darcy is very unlikable.

I'd like to read the book now and its sequel, Something Blue

Film Fact: The writer of the book, Emily Giffin, has a cameo in the film. She can be seen sitting on a bench next to Rachel and her friend Marcus, reading Something Blue.

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