Monday, 24 October 2011

TV Highlights of the Week

Big Brother

This week the public had the choice of four evictees: Anton, Harry, Jay and Jem with Anton going. About time I hear you cry?

Anton and Jay spent a few days in the crypt, which seemed like a really good idea but it wasn't used much. The bedsit from a few years ago was much better with Emma and Michelle (no naked jacuzziness!)

I've had enough of Aaron and Faye now. They keep breaking up then making up then breaking up. Yawn.


Rory was voted out this week, which was a shame because I was rooting for Nancy (or should that be unrooting?)

Although I still heart Russell, my highlight of Strictly this week was Aliona's dress. It was gorgeous.

X Factor

It was Rock Week this week (supposedly). Sami was voted off, which I sort of agree with. She was my favourite as I thought she was brilliant at her auditions but Louis got his mitts on her and she was ruined.

Kirstie's Handmade Britain

I loved the Christmas crafts Kirstie did over the last couple of years so was looking forward to watching this. I enjoyed it but was a bit dubious over the fact she won the cake competition. Are we sure it was anonymous?

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Don't forget Junior Young Apprentice is starting tonight!

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What have been your tv highlights this week?

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