Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married

I love Marian Keyes but didn't discover her until Angels was released. I then had the pleasure of catching up with her previous books, one of which was Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married. I vaguely remember there being a tv series years and years ago but it was long before I discovered Marian Keyes and I didn't watch it but I have managed to get hold of a copy of it. The only problem was, I haven't read the book in years and couldn't remember anything at all about the characters or plot.

So I dusted off the book and reread it in preparation.

Lucy Sullivan visits a fortune teller with her work colleagues and is shocked to be told she will be getting married, especially as she doesn't even have a boyfriend. But then she meets Gus and even though he is skint and unreliable, she begins to hope he is the one Mrs Nolan predicted for her.

Rereading the book was like reading a new book as I couldn't remember anything at all. Usually when it's been a while between reading a book, the details start to seem familiar and bits (if not the whole thing) come flooding back to you. But this didn't happen with Lucy Sullivan so it was worth reading it again.

It was obvious who Lucy was going to end up from the first few chapters of the book but that didn't mean it wasn't an enjoyable read. The journey for her to get there was fun, if not frustrating - at times I wanted to shake her and make her see where she was going wrong.

The character of Gus really came to life. He reminded me of someone but I couldn't put my finger on it until about half way through when it clicked. Gus was Russell Brand!

I have to say that Marian Keyes' writing has improved since the writing of this book (the constant tags drove me crazy at times) but the humour and hard-hitting storylines were still present. I really enjoyed the book and hope the tv series is as good (but I'm not holding my breath - did you ever see Watermelon?)

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