Monday, 7 November 2011

TV Highlights of the Week

Downton Abbey

It was a busy few days in the final episode of Downton with a wedding, a funeral and an almost affair. I'm not sure this series was as good as the first but I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next series that is planned.

Big Brother

It was a battle between Faye and Louise this week with Faye going. Either could have been evicted this week as far I was concerned as I found neither entertaining (especially with all that slobbering going on under the covers).

It's the final week with Aaron, Alex, Jay, Louise and Tom battling to be crowned the winner. I want Alex to win, which I never thought I'd say back at the beginning. If not, Tom will do. I just don't want Aaron, Jay or Louise to win. But I don't care enough to vote.

X Factor

The Risk and Johnny were eliminated this week and while I am no fan of either act, I do have to ask why Frankie survived. He isn't a fantastic singer and he doesn't seem very dedicated, preferring nights out drinking and taking girls for car park shenanigans rather than rehearsing and getting some sleep.


Russell Grant delivered another great performance this week. He's fab and I hope he stays in for a while longer.
I thought the right two were in the bottom this week - Audley and LuLu - and didn't mind when LuLu was eliminated. I have to say, I have quite liked Brendan this series. He seems more mellow and much nicer than usual.

Kirstie's Handmade Britain

I'm still skeptical. Very skeptical. Kirstie won best in show out of all those hundreds of entries? Her cushion was quite pleasant but it wasn't that great. I wonder if they gave out the real prizes once they finished filming.

Still love the show though.

I'm a week behind The Chase. Last week the contestants were Sally Lindsay, Shaun Williamson, Barry McGuigan and Jenny Frost. Who knew Barry Evans was such a smartie pants?
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What have been your highlights this week?

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