Monday, 23 January 2012

Birthday & Chinese New Year

It was my birthday on Saturday so we went out for a birthday tea and when we got home we had some of the cakes I'd made that afternoon (with candles and a wish of course). I made chocolate orange and strawberries and cream cupcakes, which everyone enjoyed.

To make them I used the basic recipe (below), replacing one tablespoon of flour with one tablespoon of cocoa powder for the chocolate orange cupcakes and adding a few drops of strawberry flavouring for the strawberries and cream.

Once they had cooled, I made the frosting (below), adding orange flavouring and red and yellow colouring for the chocolate orange cupcakes and vanilla essence for the stawberries and cream cupcakes.

I applied the frosting with a spoon (I'm not very good with a piping bag) and added bashed up chocolate orange segments (great fun - put them in a plastic food bag and whack with a rolling pin) to the chocolate orange cupcakes and slices of fresh strawberries to the strawberries and cream cupcakes.

*  *  *  *

It is the Chinese New Year today so yesterday afternoon we made Chinese lanterns, which were really easy to make but the kids had fun decorating them (ok, ok, so did I).

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