Thursday, 26 January 2012

I Heart Gavin & Stacey (and Richard Osman)

No, you haven't somehow slipped back in time. I'm just a bit daft and have only recently discovered how great it is. Of course I'd heard of the show and I meant to watch it but I missed the first couple of episodes. Everyone was saying how great it was by the time series two came along but I didn't want to watch it from there. I wanted to start at the beginning but never managed to catch any repeats.

Back in November, I admitted I had never watched an episode of Gavin and Stacey and decided it was about time I did. So the partner and I set about watching them but Christmas got in the way and we only finished the last series on Saturday.

The weirdest thing happened on Saturday. In the episode where Dawn and Pete renew their wedding vows, Pam organises a few films for them to watch the night before, one of which is Doubt, a film about a priest who is accused of abusing a pupil. But there's doubt, you see. It's mentioned quite a few times during the episode. Anyway, fast forward to the end of the series. We turn the dvd off and put 'normal' telly on. There is a priest sitting on a bench and I think to myself I wonder if it's Doubt ha ha just because of the priest. And it was Doubt! How weird is that? (Well, I think it is). I didn't watch the film so I don't know if there was any doubt.

I'd been waiting until I'd finished watching Gavin and Stacey to read James Corden's autobiography, May I Have Your Attention, Please? in case there were any spoilers in there. I've finished reading it now and it was great. Almost as good as Ant & Dec's autobiography.

While reading it, (tiny spoiler if you're planning on reading it) I discovered Richard Osman wrote and produced Boyz Unlimited, a show I absolutely adored when it was aired back in 1999. I already really liked Richard from Pointless but now I think I may actually love him.
If you've never watched Boyz Unlimited, you should. It's on Channel 4OD here.

The boyz with manager, Nigel

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