Friday, 16 March 2012

Idol Hands by Cynthia Hill

Tara is a 32 year old woman who is stuck in a marriage with a man who would rather fritter away their money than save for their future. As a teenager, Tara fell in love with Aidan, a member of boy band Idol Hands and conducted a secret relationship with him away from the public eye. Tara was left heartbroken when the relationship ended and never truly got over over him. And now it seems neither did Aidan when he admits on a tv show that he still loves Tara.

Tara leaves her husband and embarks on a journey across America to find Aidan so that they begin the life they should have had all those years ago. The journey isn't easy and Tara will have to make some tough decisions along the way.

Idol Hands is told through Tara's perspective in the form of diary entries, which made it very easy to fly through the book. Tara and Aidan's relationship is drip fed to the reader throughout the book and you discover why she was so devastated after the break up and why she is so unhappy with her life.

I thought it was quite childish of Tara to simply run away from her husband but I have to say I loved the ending. I'm now wondering if I should read it all again...

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Thank you to Cynthia Hill for my review copy


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