Friday, 20 April 2012

Top Ten Cartoons...

... from when I was a kid (in alphabetical order):

Alvin & The Chipmunks

I did not like Alvin & The Chipmunks Go To The Movies though



I used to make sure I was up for 7.15 to watch Casper on TVAM. Not even GMTV - I feel ancient


And now my daughters are fans



Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

Another 7.15 slot on TVAM. Raphael was my favourite

I'm a bit of a fan

The Jetsons

The Racoons

Saturday mornings before Going Live. Sigh. Good times.

What cartoons did you enjoy as a kid?



  1. This post is right up my street! I loved The Raccoons and Raggy Dolls, plus Count Duckula, Albert The Fifth Musketeer, Duck Tales, He-Man, She-Ra - I could go on for hours lol!

    1. We had far superior cartoons when we were kids, even if they weren't shown 24 hours a day like they are now.

      Can't believe I forgot Dogtanian in my list. He was so cute.

  2. Muppet Babies! How could I forget Muppet Babies?

    Perhaps this should have been a top 20...

  3. Going Live. *sigh* I miss Saturday morning kids tv and the contented yet excited way it made me feel! Why Don't You, Number 73, Noel Edmond's Swap Shop, The Adventure Game - not all Saturday morning but they were my favourites, what was the one where you had to hold a cabbage if you got a question wrong?

    1. I loved Going Live. A whole morning of tv for kids. Kids won't get that excitement anymore because they have access to their programs 24 hours a day.

      I wonder what happened to Trevor and Simon. Swing your pants was ace, though I'm not sure why now.

      Just had a quick google and I think the cabbage holding one was Crackerjack.

  4. Wow talk about bringing back memories - I loved most of those! Also Trapdoor and Thundercats were favourites :)

    1. Ah, Thundercats. Another that they're bringing back (and will ruin).

      I wonder what cartoons this generation will be talking about in 20 years.


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