Friday, 20 July 2012

Top Ten - My Favourite Posts of 2011/12

As it was my one year blogiversary yesterday, I thought I would look back over the last year and choose my favourite posts.

In chronological order:

  • Top Ten Chick Lit Books

    There are some fantastic books in the list but I think I should update it soon to reflect the new books I've read since...
  • My First Blogger Award

    I was very surprised but also very pleased when I received my first award. I feel honoured whenever someone considers my little blog award worthy.
  • To Kindle or Not To Kindle

    I couldn't decide whether to buy myself a Kindle or not. I did in the end.
  • All I Want For Christmas

    This post was part of the launch for Cally Taylors' Home For Christmas. As an aspiring author it was great to be a teeny tiny part of the launch and it was great to finally put to rest my Mr Frosty demons.
  • Christmas Songs Quiz

    I worked hard coming up with the questions for the quiz but as I adore Christmas songs, it was a lot of fun.
  • Reaching The End of Book 1

    It was a great feeling actually being able to say that I had reached The End. I really struggled with the second draft so it was a huge relief that I'd got through it!
  • Saved By Cake Challenge

    This is still ongoing but I love trying out the new receipes from Marian Keyes' Saved by Cake. Challenging myself to bake and then post about a new cake each month is a great help in pushing me to actually use the book, instead of shoving it on the shelf gathering dust with my other cook books...
  • Re-Reading Books

    I chose four books from my shelf to read again and it was great. Some I had read a few times while others I'd only read once before.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Blog Hop

    I enjoyed taking part in this blog hop, getting to know my characters away from my book. It was also great seeing how others had approached the scenes.
  • A Chat With Ellen Sussman

    I recently took part in my first ever blog tour and got the chance to ask Ellen Sussman a few questions. Hopefully there will be more author interviews to come.

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