Friday 2 March 2018

The Wedding that Changed Everything: The Playlist

Whenever I write a book, I like to put together a playlist, which usually consist of songs that I listened to while writing the book to set the mood, or songs that follow the theme of the book. As The Wedding that Changed Everything was inspired by a book of fairy tales, I've gone for a Disney Princess theme for this playlist - enjoy!

Love happens when you least expect it…

Emily Atkinson stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago! She’s fed up of dating frogs in order to find her very own Prince Charming and is giving up on men entirely…

But then she’s invited to the wedding of the year at the enchanting Durban Castle and realises that perhaps bumping into a real-life knight in shining armour isn’t quite as far away as she thought!

Will Emily survive the wedding and walk away an unscathed singleton – or finally find her own happily-ever-after?