Wednesday 30 August 2023

Read My New Short Story For Free

The Bouquet | Jennifer Joyce

When the bride throws her bouquet, something magical happens to the wannabe brides who try to catch it...

The Bouquet is a fun little rom com with a magical twist that you can read for free when you pre-order the paperback of Our Last Summer

Our Last Summer | Jennifer Joyce

A summer that changed everything. A second chance to put things right.

Four years ago, Elodie Parker left the village of Little Heaton where she’d lived for her entire life. She hasn’t been back since.

Now, with her little sister’s wedding looming, she’s going home again. It should be a time for celebration, but there are things Elodie left behind she’s not ready to face. Not least the love of her life, Tomasz. The man who, if Elodie is really honest, she still loves.

But something magical happens on the flight. As turbulence hits, Elodie is thrown back into the past. It’s eight years ago, the day she met Tomasz for the very first time. Before everything went wrong and Elodie ran away forever.

Can Elodie find a way to change the past – and get the happy ever after she longs for?

To get your hands on a copy of The Bouquet, send proof of your pre-order of Our Last Summer to and I'll send it your way!

Thursday 3 August 2023

9 Summers Publication Day

9 Summers | Jennifer Joyce

I know I've only just had the publication day for Our Last Summer, but surely I can squeeze another in for my little summer quick read, 9 Summers?

If you're a newsletter subscriber, you may have already read Mary's story as I sent it out in my last three newsletters in bite-sized installments, but you can now read it as a whole as I've released it as a ebook on Amazon. It's just 79p - or free as part of Kindle Unlimited!

9 Summers is a fun and magical time-travel rom com in mini form, so it's perfect for gobbling up in one sitting by the pool or lazing in the garden (if the sun ever makes a return to the UK). If you've read Everything Changes But You, you'll have had the pleasure of meeting Clementine, an angelic wish-come-truer who is a proper dickhead with as much charm as a blister at the beginning of a ten-mile hike, but I'm oddly fond of her and I hope you'll grow to love her too.

If you read 9 Summers (or have already read it via my newsletter), I'd love it it if you popped a little review over on Amazon here. It doesn't have to be an in-depth review - just a few words will help other people find a book they may enjoy.

Find out more about the book:
9 Summers | Jennifer Joyce

It took 1 Summer to break Mary's heart but it'll take 9 summers to put it back together again

Mary is supposed to be going away for a fun weekend with her friends, but she cancels at the last minute because she isn't in the mood for a summer festival. She isn't in the mood for much these days, other than curling up on her bed and thinking about her ex. It's been a year since the relationship ended but she can't seem to get over Robert.

But when Mary is taken on a journey by a strange but brutally honest new friend, she starts to see that maybe she's better off without Robert after all...