Thursday 3 August 2023

9 Summers Publication Day

9 Summers | Jennifer Joyce

I know I've only just had the publication day for Our Last Summer, but surely I can squeeze another in for my little summer quick read, 9 Summers?

If you're a newsletter subscriber, you may have already read Mary's story as I sent it out in my last three newsletters in bite-sized installments, but you can now read it as a whole as I've released it as a ebook on Amazon. It's just 79p - or free as part of Kindle Unlimited!

9 Summers is a fun and magical time-travel rom com in mini form, so it's perfect for gobbling up in one sitting by the pool or lazing in the garden (if the sun ever makes a return to the UK). If you've read Everything Changes But You, you'll have had the pleasure of meeting Clementine, an angelic wish-come-truer who is a proper dickhead with as much charm as a blister at the beginning of a ten-mile hike, but I'm oddly fond of her and I hope you'll grow to love her too.

If you read 9 Summers (or have already read it via my newsletter), I'd love it it if you popped a little review over on Amazon here. It doesn't have to be an in-depth review - just a few words will help other people find a book they may enjoy.

Find out more about the book:
9 Summers | Jennifer Joyce

It took 1 Summer to break Mary's heart but it'll take 9 summers to put it back together again

Mary is supposed to be going away for a fun weekend with her friends, but she cancels at the last minute because she isn't in the mood for a summer festival. She isn't in the mood for much these days, other than curling up on her bed and thinking about her ex. It's been a year since the relationship ended but she can't seem to get over Robert.

But when Mary is taken on a journey by a strange but brutally honest new friend, she starts to see that maybe she's better off without Robert after all...

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