Friday 12 July 2019

Writing Book Ten: Part Fourteen - The Book Has Left The Building

I'm keeping a diary of the writing process of Book 10, from the first words to publication.

It's been about six weeks since I last updated about The Accidental Life Swap, but a lot has happened since then: I've completed each of the editing stages and have whisked the manuscript back to my editor, and I've had some very good news about the book. Not only will the book be available as a paperback in December (the ebook version will be out in September), it's also being made into an audio version too!

It's the first time one of my books will be available in an audio format, so I'm VERY excited about this. I would have shouted about it sooner but I've spent the past couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself on the sofa as I was plagued by chest and stomach bugs. It wasn't fun (and I had to miss the HarperCollins summer party *sad face*) but I'm feeling better now (even if the stubborn cough is refusing to budge completely) and I did discover that Glee has been added to Netflix during one of my self-pity parties on the sofa.

As well as completing the edits for the book, I've also written the acknowledgements, which includes a big thank you to everyone who helped name the animals. So if you provided one of the names used, you'll find yourself in there when the books is published!

You can pre-order the book in all three formats here