Friday 29 November 2019

Five Fun Ways I Name Book Characters

Sometimes, naming book characters can be tough and I'll sit staring at my laptop while I try to conjure the perfect name. But there are ways to make naming fictional friends easier - and sometimes fun. Here are five ways I name my book characters:

Baby Names

I have a baby names book that I've had for over twenty years, way before I had babies to name. I bought it for the sole purpose of writing and, at 50p, I've had my money's worth over the years!

I also like to use baby names websites, such as, or Google the popular names for the year when my character would have been born.

Film & TV Inspiration

I like to take inspiration from the films I love (most of the character names in The Mince Pie Mix-Up were inspired by The Santa Clause) or the TV programs I've been watching at the time (the names of sisters Trina and Tori in A Beginner's Guide To Saying I Do were 'borrowed' from Victorious, which my daughter watched A LOT during the time of writing).

TV and film credits are also a useful way to find interesting names, so keep your eyes peeled!

A Little Help From A (Facebook) Friend

I asked for help naming most of the animal characters in The Accidental Life Swap over on my Facebook page - and it was a lot of fun. There were loads of suggestions for each animal, which I put in a bowl and picked one at random for each animal that was in need of a name.

You can find more info on naming the animals here

Newsletter Subscribers

One of the characters in The Accidental Life Swap was named after one of my newsletter subscribers, and I've done the same with the book I'm currently writing (so far known as Book 11). This is definitely something I'll be doing in the future, so if you'd like the chance to have a character named after YOU, make sure you've subscribed to my newsletter! (You can sign up for free here)

Follow a Theme

One of my favourite ways to name a character happened in The Little Teashop of Broken Hearts, where I gave each of the tea shop's employees (and the owner) a cake-based name:

Maddie - short for Madeleine(s)
Mags - short for Magdalena(s) &
Victoria (sponge)

So those are five fun ways I name book characters. Feel feel to share your own character naming tips in the comments below :)

Friday 15 November 2019

Nano 2019: The Halfway Point

I'm giving Nanowrimo a go for the first time this year, and the past two weeks have flown by! I usually aim for 1,000 words per day, Monday to Friday, which doesn't add up to 50,000 words so I've had to push myself this month. 

I've written something every day - even if it was only 499 words, which happened on Wednesday. It wasn't a lot of words, but it was all I could manage and I'm not going to beat myself up over it. 499 words is better than nothing!

Some days, I've even grabbed my laptop in the evenings instead of slumping in front of the TV, and I've been to the write-ins with a writing group at the library, which equals more wordage. So far this month, I've managed to write over 23,000 words, so pushing myself with Nano is definitely making me more productive. It isn't quite the halfway mark of the 50k but I'm sure if I push myself a bit more over the next couple of weeks, I'll meet my target!

Are you taking part in Nano? Let us know how you're getting on in the comments below :)

Friday 8 November 2019

The Accidental Life Swap: A Book In Pictures

There are lots of different stages to writing a book, from the initial spark of an idea, to reaching milestones of 10,000 words, 20, 50, The End, and then the hard work of edits begin before the euphoria (and a pinch of fear) of publication. I thought I'd share some images of the different stages of writing The Accidental Life Swap!

The book started off with the aid of this little gem. Writing Love by Alexandra Sokoloff explains how to use the three act structure screenwriters use, with a focus on romance/romantic comedies (it has a new cover now, but this is the cover it had when I purchased it).

It's always nice to celebrate milestones, and that first 10,000 is a belter!

All my books are fueled by tea.

Most of the animals (and there are quite a few!) were named by readers on my Facebook page.

You can see more info here

More milestones to celebrate!

And then reaching those beautiful words: The End.
Except it isn't really The End. There's still SO MUCH work to do!

Starting with the first round of edits.

I had some more help for the editing stage:

These books help me to build on the draft I already have so I can add more depth to the story and make it shine.

Ebook Publication Day!

I ran a giveaway for my newsletter subscribers to celebrate publication day. The prize was a gorgeous little house pendant, which I think fits perfectly with the book.


Sometimes one moment can change your life forever…

Rebecca Riley has always been a bit of a pushover. When her glamorous boss, Vanessa, asks her to jump, she doesn’t just ask how high… she asks if her boss would like her to grab a coffee on the way back down!

So whilst overseeing the renovation of Vanessa’s beautiful countryside home, the last thing Rebecca ever expected was to be mistaken for her boss – or that she would even consider going along with it! Far away from the bustling city and her boss’s demanding ways, could she pretend to be Vanessa and swap lives, just for a little while?

Friday 1 November 2019

Nano 2019

Are you taking part in Nano this year? I've always wanted to attempt it and this time I'm giving it a go. I'll be working on Book 11, so hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a massive chunk of the first draft down.

I won't be taking on the challenge alone because as well as the online nano community, I've also joined a local writing group who are taking part. We're meeting for our first Nano session tomorrow to get some words down and encourage each other.

I've already done a lot of the prep by planning out the book, so now all I have to do is write 50,000 words. Easy, right? *gulps*

Wish me luck!