Friday 15 September 2023

Ten Fun Facts About Our Last Summer

 Ten Fun Facts

The paperback of Our Last Summer is now out, joining the ebook and audio that were released back in July, and I've put together ten behind-the-scenes fun facts of the book

In the first draft, Elodie is in a relationship with Ed when she first jumps back in time.

I didn’t have a plan when I started writing Our Last Summer. I didn’t even have a synopsis until I’d written the first three chapters. This happened with my last book. After being a massive plotter, I’d turned into a pantster.

Originally, Elodie travelled back to the 80s, but this was changed quite early on. I did keep a couple of 80s references in though – Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids In America’ and the salon’s name, Lady Dye was a play on Lady Diana, who was getting married to Prince Charles on the day Elodie first travelled back in time in the original version.

The original title was The 12 Summers of You & Me but it was decided early on that there wouldn’t be twelve time-hops, so a new title was needed.

The book didn’t have a title until the final stages of the editing process. It didn’t even have a working title after ‘The 12 Summers of You & Me’ was dropped.

The initial spark of inspiration for Our Last Summer came from my previous book, The 12 Christmases of You & Me. I loved writing it and wanted to write a summer-themed time-travel rom com.

I wrote 7,620 words (three-and-a-bit chapters) before I realised I’d got the POV wrong. I was writing in the third person when really it should have been first.

Durban Castle was the setting of The Wedding That Changed Everything, and it featured in The Wedding Date.

Little Heaton was the setting of The Accidental Life Swap.

Ed’s tattoo was inspired by my oldest daughter’s love of South Park’s Butters.
Find out more about the book:
Our Last Summer | Jennifer Joyce

A summer that changed everything. A second chance to put things right.

Four years ago, Elodie Parker left the village of Little Heaton where she’d lived for her entire life. She hasn’t been back since.

Now, with her little sister’s wedding looming, she’s going home again. It should be a time for celebration, but there are things Elodie left behind she’s not ready to face. Not least the love of her life, Tomasz. The man who, if Elodie is really honest, she still loves.

But something magical happens on the flight. As turbulence hits, Elodie is thrown back into the past. It’s eight years ago, the day she met Tomasz for the very first time. Before everything went wrong and Elodie ran away forever.

Can Elodie find a way to change the past – and get the happy ever after she longs for?