Tuesday 29 January 2019

Naming The Animals in Book 10

There are quite a few animals that feature in my latest book, and I thought it would be fun if I handed over the naming of them to my readers. I did this on my Facebook page and we named thirteen animals.

It was a lot of fun reading the suggestions and seeing so many people getting involved. Each animal name suggestion was put into a bowl, with one (or three, in the case of the chickens!) picked at random. Whoever the suggestion belonged to will have their name put into the acknowledgements when the book is published!

Here are the names - and who suggested them:


Daisy, suggested by Sharon Smith


Chow Mein, suggested by Gemma Tierney

Bianca, suggested by Gisele Le Corre

Patty, suggested by Maggie Rollison


Claude, suggested by Anne Maria Seymour


Pumpkin, suggested by Rae Kenny-Rife

Sophie, suggested by Jo Jackson


Tommy, Timmy & Tammy, suggested by Melissa Elizabeth


Rupert, suggested by Stephanie-Jayne Matthews

Honey, suggested by Patricia Scott


Violet, suggested by Maggie Ewing

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