Wednesday 25 April 2012

Planning Book 3 - Junk Mail

Book 2 is still on hold in its virtual drawer before I start the second draft next week. I've been doing a lot of planning for Book 3 (and enjoying lots of free evenings, mostly spent watching telly).

At the weekend, a small catalogue was posted through my letterbox so I decided to have a quick flick through before shoving it into the recycling bin. While looking through, I found myself thinking Ruth (the main character in Book 3) would wear that. And that. That's perfect for Ruth!

Either I have too much time on my hands or I'm a little bit obsessed (either way, I need to get out more) because I started tearing out the clothes that Ruth would wear, ready to make a little 'mood board' for her.

So now even junk mail can provide inspiration for writing!

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