Monday 16 July 2012

Monsoon Season by Katie O'Rourke

Riley moved from Massachusetts to Tucson, Arizona after graduating college, leaving all her family and friends behind. She didn't know anybody in Tucson but soon struck up a strong bond with her roommate, Donna. Soon after, she met Ben while waitressing and quickly fell in love and moved in with him.

But now Riley is travelling back to Massachusetts to move back in with her parents. Ben doesn't know where she is and she hasn't told her parents about the break up, let alone the reason why it ended so abruptly.

Ben witnessed his father beating his mother during his childhood and now Ben seems to be repeating history.

The first part of Monsoon Season is told from Riley and Ben's perspective but then continues the story from the viewpoints of those around them too. I found it interesting to see how an abusive relationship affects the friends and family of the couple, especially Ben's mother, Teresa. I would have liked to have seen more of Teresa as she had been in Riley's position herself. How would Ben turning out like his father affect their relationship in the long run?

I liked how Monsoon Season began with Riley leaving Ben, dealing with the aftermath of an abused partner deciding enough is enough. For Riley, leaving was hard but staying away is proving to be just as difficult as feelings can't be switched off overnight.

The style of writing was very easy going, despite the subject matter, and the pages slipped by without me noticing so I was very surprised when, after just two days, I was already 75% of the way through and I finished it the following day. I found Monsoon Season to be an interesting and thought-provoking read, showing an abusive relationship from all angles and the effect it can have.

Monsoon Season will be released in e-book format on Thursday 19th July.

Thank you to Constable & Robinson for sending me a copy to review.

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