Friday 14 July 2017

Summer Reads 2017

For me, romantic comedies are the ideal summer reads. They're light-hearted and fun and perfect poolside/beach/park bench/sunny-spot-in-the-garden reads. This year, I decided I'd like to re-read some of the books on my shelf during the summer. I picked Kiss Him Goodbye (Victoria Routledge), Rainy Days and Tuesdays (Claire Allan) and Snap Happy (Fiona Walker).

I've only read Rainy Days and Tuesdays and Snap Happy once before but Kiss Him Goodbye is one of my most re-read books. I keep going back to it time and time again and I love it with every re-read!

A trip to Tesco also resulted in a couple of extra books to add to my summer TBR pile. My Sister's Wedding (Vicky Pattison) fell into my basket and I spotted The Angel at No. 33 (Polly Williams) on the charity table on the way out and I couldn't resist!

As well as the rom coms, I'm also going to be re-reading The Animals of Farthing Wood with my daughters during the school summer holidays. It's my favourite childhood book and I'm looking forward to diving back in and going on an adventure over the summer. My oldest daughter (Rianne) has already read it with me, but it'll be my youngest's (Isobel) first time meeting the Farthing Wood posse. I have my own copy of the book (which is well-thumbed after twenty-four years!) and I've bought new copies for Rianne and Isobel. I hope they love their copies as much as I love mine (and how could they not, especially with the gorgeous new covers - I'm tempted to buy one for myself!)

I've been collecting the Farthing Wood Friends magazines on eBay, so we're going to read those as we go along (and photocopying the activities) as well as watching the DVD. I'm unbelievably excited about this, so expect me to share our fun on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

What will you be reading this summer? Do share in the comments below!

If you're still looking for inspiration, I'm just going to slide a sneaky plug in here...

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