Friday 2 February 2018

Writing The Wedding that Changed Everything: Edits Part 2

I kept a little diary while writing my eighth book, The Wedding That Changed Everything, which I'll be sharing on the blog during the run up to publication.

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First Round of Edits: Complete
Wowsers, that was one hell of a rewrite! So much changed, so much was removed and added and developed... I'm bloody exhausted now!
I have to admit that in the beginning, I was ready for burning my laptop again, but as I got into it and started to develop the relationship between Emily and her hero more than I had in the previous draft, I could definitely see why my editor had suggested I ramp it up. I loved revisiting their scenes and creating more, and hopefully it will have much more impact now.
I'm not going to lie; this edit was a LOT of hard work (which took almost a month!), but hopefully it will make a much better read. This is why editors are worth their weight in gold!

While I was mid-edit, I received an exciting email from my editor, revealing the cover of the book - which now has a shiny new title: The Wedding That Changed Everything. I will miss The Fairytale Effect, but I love the new title and absolutely ADORE the cover. It's so pretty and I can't wait to show it off. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a wait until the reveal. Hopefully I won't burst from repressed excitement!

The book is back with my editor now, so I'm going to have a well-earned rest from writing for a few days before I dip back into Book 9 while I wait for the next round of edits!

Previous Word Count

Words Cut:

New Word Count

Love happens when you least expect it…

Emily Atkinson stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago! She’s fed up of dating frogs in order to track down her very own Prince Charming, despite the best efforts of her matchmaking best friend…

But now she’s been invited to the wedding of the year at the enchanting Durban Castle, and perhaps bumping into a knight in shining armour isn’t as far away as she thought!

Will Emily survive the wedding and walk away an unscathed singleton – or finally find her own happily-ever-after?

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