Friday 14 December 2018

Writing Book Ten: Part Three - First Goal Reached

I'm keeping a diary of the writing process of Book 10, from the first words to publication.

I had a couple of days off from writing this week as I went to London for the HQ Christmas party. I had a brilliant time, meeting up with Lucy Knott in Manchester so we could travel down together before heading to the News Building for the party. Writing can be a quite isolating as you're in your own head for large chunks of time, so it was great to meet up with other authors and the publishing team. I had the chance to catch up with some of the other HQ authors, as well as meeting old Twitter friends in real life for the first time!

Before heading home the next morning, Lucy and I treated ourselves to hot chocolates and cake from Peggy Porschen Cakes, which was lovely and so Christmassy.

Back home again, it was time to get back to writing. My goal was to reach 20,000 words by the time the kids finished school for Christmas, so we could have a nice break together. And I'm pleased to report that I reached that goal today - yay! So I''m going to have some time away from the book now and make sure everything is ready for Christmas (mainly tackling the dreaded wrapping of presents) and spend some quality time with the family. 

In the new year, I'll be asking for help naming some characters, so keep an eye on my Facebook page for more details!


  1. I had so much fun Jenn! It was a really wonderful trip! :) I'm glad you enjoyed Peggy's too! Well done for hitting your writing target this week! I love reading your blog as it inspires me too. I reached mine this week and feel motivated to get more done before Christmas! Lucy xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply - still recovering from Christmas ;)

      It was such a fun trip! Glad you reached your writing goal xx


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