Wednesday 2 February 2022

Spotlight Book: The Accidental Life Swap

The Accidental Life Swap | Jennifer Joyce

I'll be throwing one of my books into the spotlight each month during 2022 and next up is The Accidental Life Swap

The Accidental Life Swap | Sometimes one moment can change your life forever

Rebecca Riley has always been a bit of a pushover. When her glamorous boss, Vanessa, asks her to jump, she doesn’t just ask how high… she asks if her boss would like her to grab a coffee on the way back down!

So whilst overseeing the renovation of Vanessa’s beautiful countryside home, the last thing Rebecca ever expected was to be mistaken for her boss – or that she would even consider going along with it! Far away from the bustling city and her boss’s demanding ways, could she pretend to be Vanessa and swap lives, just for a little while?

'I haven't laughed so much at a book in a long time'

The character of Stacey Rowe was named after a newsletter subscriber

See more fun facts here

I like to post little 'Book Extras' (like you'd find on a DVD) for my books here on the blog, and for The Accidental Life Swap I created a Playlist, put together quick intros to some of the characters you'll meet in the book, blogged about my favourite board games and false identity in films, and posted the book in pictures.

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