Friday 23 September 2022

A 2022 Catch Up

 It's been quite a while since I've posted a catch up (December, I believe - oops) so I thought it was about time I did one!

The beginning of 2022 started well; as my new diary says on the cover, Positive Mind, Vibes, Life. I'd been getting some work done on my house, which had all stopped over Christmas, but I was getting back on track with that. I was writing and enjoying life. And then I became ill.

My feet started to feel numb. Then my calves. Within a couple of days I was numb up to my stomach. When it started in my hands and arms, I could no longer work. By now, my feet, legs and torso were fine, but my hands were so numb I couldn't hold a knife and fork properly, I couldn't do my hair or fasten buttons, and my arms were so weak they were pretty much useless. And I was exhausted.

I had blood tests and it turned out my vitamin B12 was really low, which was causing havoc with my nervous system. It was a relief because the symptoms could have been indicative of much worse. I had a course of B12 jabs (6, 2-3 days apart, which sounds horrific for a wuss like me, but was actually very welcome after feeling so rubbish) and I've been having one every three months since. I'm so much better now. My fingers aren't quite right yet but they don't stop me doing anything anymore and I'm back to working again and getting back to normal.

I'm busy writing - my new book will be out in three weeks (you can pre-order here) and I'm working on a time-travel rom com that will be out in July 2023. The work has started back up on my house and I've been enjoying spending time in my little garden. I couldn't plant much this year (I managed some wildflowers, but my hands and arms were too messed up during the spring!) but luckily I had quite a few flowers that returned from previous years.

We had the heatwave, which I wouldn't have enjoyed so much if it wasn't for Costa and their air conditioning. We have one a short walk away, which came in handy.

My Instagram grid is definitely starting to get an autumn vibe - which I'm very happy about as it's the BEST season. There's even a teeny bit of Christmas creeping in (not sorry).

It's been pretty tough this year, but I've got brilliant friends and family and my daughters (and Luna!) have been amazing and really helped me. And now I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2022 has to offer!

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