Tuesday 15 November 2022

Nanowrimo 2022 - We're Halfway There!

It's Day 15 of NaNoWriMo 2022, which means we've reached the halfway point!

The first two weeks of November have flown by; one minute I'm posting my Day 1 Nano photo on Instagram, the next I'm posting a halfway there pic - madness!

I've really enjoyed the past couple of weeks though, and I've loved diving into my book at every opportunity, wondering where my characters are going to take me next.

Nanowrimo 2022 Halfway Point

We're at the halfway point of the challenge and I'm not quite there with the word count, but I'm not far off at all and I'm going into the second half of Nano at a teeny smidge over 24,000 words. I'm really pleased with this amount as not only am I very nearly on track, I'm also around the point I reached for the whole of the month during last year's Nano, where I managed 20-25k.

I'm aiming for 3,000 words today, to take me up to 27,000 words, which will definitely take me over last year's word count. I've got an in-person Nano meet-up at the library this evening so that should definitely help me to reach my goal. I've only managed to attend one meet-up so far so I'm looking forward to finding out how the others are getting on with their projects.

Nanowrimo 2022 | Day 15: 24,018 words

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