Tuesday 11 April 2023

A Catch Up

 Spring has finally sprung! Winter seemed to go on forever but the sun is finally shining and there's bits of colour appearing in the garden. A lot has happened during my last catch up, including:

My 40th birthday

Multiple edits of my summer 2023 book

The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea reached 1,000 ratings on Amazon - and then 2,000!
(I remember being over-the-flipping-moon with 50)

The RSPB's Big Garden Watch
(I spotted 4 great tits, 4 blue tits, 4 magpies, 3 pigeons, 2 robins and 3 squirrels)

The first instalment of my three-part quick read, 9 Summers going out to my newsletter subscribers

The start of my new crochet project: a books read blanket

So many visits to Costa

So what else has been happening over the past few weeks:

What Are You Working On?

With my latest edits for my summer 2023 release back with my editor, I'm working on Book 17, which I started before Christmas but had to put aside. It's another rom com, this time with a dual POV, set in Clifton-on-Sea (which you'll recognise from some of my other books) and a very busy community centre.

What Are You Reading?

Never Greener | Ruth Jones

I'm currently reading Never Greener by Ruth Jones.

Other books I've read recently are:

The Catch by T.M. Logan
The Glass House by Eve Chase
Teenage Kicks by Jax Ward
Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan

Her Name Was Rose - Claire Allan | The Glass House - Eve Chase | The Catch - T.M. Logan | Teenage Kicks - Jax Ward

What Are You Watching?

Like most people, we were totally hooked on Happy Valley a few weeks ago, and we also finally caught up with The Traitors (yes, we were very behind, but it was SO GOOD and we can't wait for more).

I've also recently really enjoyed Funny Woman on Sky Max and Life Begins on ITVX (which is a massive throwback but I enjoyed it just as much this time round as originally).

Last week, we went to see the new Super Mario Bros. Movie at the cinema and it was brilliant, especially Bowser (who is evil and everything but also the CUTEST). Continuing on the video game theme, I watched Tetris on Apple TV last night and loved it!

Instagram | Jennifer Joyce
Instagram | Jennifer Joyce

Books, writing. the beginnings of spring in the garden, all those Costa visits and Miss Luna.

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So that's what I've been getting up to these last few weeks. How about you? Let us know in the comments below :)

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