Sunday 31 July 2011


I've started many projects over the years, some of which I have finished but a lot I haven't.

This time round, I decided to make a storyboard after The Jellyfish came home with one she had done at school. I'd planned books before, ranging from a simple outline to a chapter by chapter plan but I'd never tried a storyboard.

The Jellyfish's storyboard had pictures with a small space for text underneath but I decided to skip the pictures part. I jotted down the jist of the story on pink post it notes with a sentence or two on each one and stuck them down on pieces of A4 paper. It was a good job I had bought a new pack of post its as I ended up with 40 something.

Now I can see where I am in the story at a glance and know where I am heading next and further down the line. As I write and things change (as they do), I stick blue post its over the pink ones with the new information.

Not only does this help me while writing the first draft, I'm hoping it will help when I have to write the synopsis, which I always struggle to do. But that's another story for another day...

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