Friday 25 October 2013

Book Of The Month - October

I've read some fantastic books since starting this blog and I'd like to give some of them a bit more recognition. So I've decided to add a new feature to the blog and give a special mention to one outstanding book each month. Feel free to add your thoughts of the chosen book in the comments below or even recommend an outstanding book of your own.


Every little girl grows up dreaming of marrying a prince - but what if the fairytale turns into a right royal nightmare?
Scheming kings, killer queens, evil princes, far-from innocent princesses, secret weddings, runaway brides, illicit affairs, death plots and lashings of steamy sex - it's just another day in the lives of the world's most powerful families. Find out what REALLY goes on behind closed palace doors…
I only discovered Rebecca Chance's books late last year but I've quickly become a fan. Rebecca's books are full of fantastic characters, brilliant plots and some very naughty scenes and Killer Queens is another example of this. The book tells the story of three women all connected to royalty. Belinda was once married to Prince Oliver, second in line to throne, but faked her own death to save herself. Engaged to Belinda's son, Prince Hugo, Chloe doesn't feel she really fits in with royal life but she loves her fiancee. Olympian Lori is swept off her feet by King Joachin of Herzoslovakia and is delighted when he proposes but marrying a king has its problems.
I loved Killer Queens and was sad to say goodbye to its wonderful characters.
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