Wednesday 23 October 2013

Guest Post: Zoe Miller

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to be a guest on Jennifer’s blog today.  Here is a little bit about me, my latest book, and the books that inspired me to write.

About Zoë:

I have always wanted to write, scribbling away since childhood. My publishing journey started with short stories and freelance journalism, but it took me a while to find time and space to finally knuckle down to write The Novel. It was a dream come true to be published and it still feels like a wonderful dream when I see my books on the shelves in book stores.

I like to write escapist reads about secrets and intrigue, hopes and fears, family drama, love and redemption, all combined with a sprinkling of glamour and sizzle.

My latest book:

The Compromise is about secrets and lies that threaten a group of friends caught up in political drama, forbidden passion and love. It opens with Juliet, finding herself trapped on a cliff, clinging to life as the night deepens around her and scenes from her past flash in front of her as she tries to work out if she fell or was pushed...

The inspiration behind it:

I started with the idea of three friends who were teenagers back in the early 70’s, when life was very different for women in Irish society. Quite by chance, the rebellious Juliet met the loyal and loveable Rebecca and her sister, the shy reserved Rose. It was a fateful encounter that resulted in Juliet finding out the consequences for rebelling too much, anxious-to-please Rose having her quiet life threatened and Rebecca standing by helplessly while her loved ones put their happiness at risk. One of the themes of the book is how far can you compromise, without losing the true essence of yourself.

My favourite reads:

The books that inspired me to write were the books of my childhood, in particular the entire Enid Blyton catalogue, which I devoured. If you want to write, you must read as widely as possible, so even though I’m busy juggling the day job with novel writing, I try to have 2-3 books on the go. I read bestselling authors in my own genre along with crime and suspense. My favourite book in the last year was Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes.

I love to hear from readers and you can contact me as follows:

Twitter: @zoemillerauthor

Facebook: /zoemillerauthor

Thanks again to Jennifer for the opportunity of featuring on her blog!

Zoë x

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