Friday 15 January 2016

#AmWriting: Aiming For 50,000

The Mince Pie Mix-Up has been published and I've finished writing my next book for Carina (I'll share more news on the title, cover and publication dates when I can) so I'm busy writing my next book.

My writing was a little slow over Christmas but I'm getting back into my routine again and building up the words. I'm aiming to have the first draft completed by half-term (12th Feb) and so far I'm on track.

By the end of today I should have 50,000 words under my belt (that's the plan, anyway), which is a good amount for me as I'll know I'm more than halfway through. This book is revisiting some characters that I love - and also some brand new ones that I'm enjoying getting to know, especially Sinead, Franz and Granny Mac. I hope you'll like them too when you meet them!

So that's my (quick) update for now. I'd better get back to writing - those 50,000 words won't clock up themselves...


  1. Best of luck and congrats. Looking forward to reading:):)

  2. So thrilled for you! Right, off you go and get on with those 50,000 works. x

    1. I managed to get them down - woo! Only 30-40,000 more to go... :)


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