Tuesday 16 August 2016

Female First, The Blossom Twins & #408

So it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted here on the blog (it's the school summer holidays and I'm trying to cram as much writing time in whenever I can so my poor blog has been neglected. Sorry, blog *sad face*) but I wanted to flag a few exciting things that have happened book-wise recently.

Female First

I was so unbelievably happy when I saw a tweet from Female First recently, linking to an article on their site with their top books on weight loss and body image - and A Beginner's Guide To Salad was part of it! I know Ruth would be very proud of her story making the list - and I am too!

You can see the list right here

The Blossom Twins

Do you follow The Blossom Twins on Twitter? You should because they're lovely and their joy of reading is infectious. They recently put together a list of books that have changed their lives and I was gobsmacked when The Wedding Date turned up in there. It was a real 'Oh my God, I'm an actual, proper writer' moment (this is something that I struggle with getting my head around. I felt like a bit of a fraud when the optician asked what I did a couple of weeks ago and I replied 'I'm a writer').

So I was gobsmacked and honoured and proud of Delilah's story as it has helped Kelly to find her writing groove!

Click here to see books that changed The Blossom Twins' lives


This is another achievement for Delilah and The Wedding Date, which recently reached #408 in the Kindle store. This is my best ever ranking for any of my books and I was over the flipping moon to even reach the top 1,000, so top 500 was AMAZING.

It was so amazing, I've made myself a little note of it to pin to my board next to my desk, so when I'm having one of my 'I'm a shit writer, nobody will want to buy my books' days, I can look at it and remind myself that people DO buy my books (and hopefully enjoy them too!).

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