Tuesday 14 November 2017

A Quick Catch Up!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted on the blog as I've been busy working on Book 8, but the first round of edits are now done (phew!) so I thought I'd post a quick catch up!

I've been working on the edits for Book 8 for the past month - and it was a pretty hefty edit where I had to rewrite a lot of the scenes/chapters! I sent the book back to my editor early last week and I've had a few days away from writing since, but I'm back to plotting Book 9 now!

I'll hopefully have some news to share about Book 8 soon...
I'm between books at the moment; I've just finished The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (yes, I am lagging behind! I enjoyed it though) and I know my next read will be a festive one but I haven't picked which one yet!
Over the past few weeks, I've also read After I've Gone by Linda Green and This Beautiful Life by Katie Marsh.

On TV, I'm loving the return of QI, Gogglebox and The Last Leg, as well as the not-quite-return of Celebrity Hunted ('not quite' because this is the first celebrity version).
I've also been enjoying Strictly, which Isobel has been watching with me for the first time. We like getting snuggled up in bed to watch. Her favourite dance is the jive!
I've just discovered The Good Place on Netflix, which I'm LOVING so far.
At the cinema, I've watched Paddington 2 with the family and we loved it. It's a fantastic follow up for the whole family to enjoy. Highly recommended!

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I'd love to hear what you've been up to! Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to add any book/TV/Film recommendations too :)


  1. Aww you are awesome and so inspiring. I feel motivated just reading your post. Looking forward to news on book 8 and that's so incredibly exciting that you are working on book 9! You are amazing. :) With being back home now, we have been watching a bit of Gogglebox with our family and really enjoying it. I've been trying to get lots of writing done between starting a new job and adapting to a new routine but it all feels nice to be home! :) I really want to get to the Cinema's to see Daddy's Home at some point. :) Loving your instagram too! :) Lucy xx


    1. Aww, thank you! YOU ARE AWESOME :)
      I don't get to the cinema enough (and it's usually films for kids these days!) Hope you get to see Daddy's Home. I want to watch Bad Moms 2 - but need to catch up with the first one!
      Good luck with the new job and the writing :)


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