Wednesday 31 January 2018

A Quick January Catch Up

The first month of 2018 is almost over already, but I can't say I'm sad to see January go; it's such a bitterly cold month and I'm ready for spring to launch itself upon us now (there are signs of spring in the garden as we have three little crocuses cheering the place up). Also, February brings the publication of my eighth book, The Wedding that Changed Everything, and PANCAKE DAY. Woo!

Anyway, as it's the last day of January, I thought I'd pop a quick catch up on the blog. I'd love to hear what you've been up to - let us know in the comments below!

I'm busy writing the first draft of my ninth book, which I'd been working on in between edits of The Wedding that Changed Everything, but now I can really sink my teeth into the book. The book is set in Clifton-on-Sea (the setting of The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea) and I'm loving being back while getting to know a new set of characters. Like The Little Bed & Breakfast, this book centres around three women who meet up in the seaside town and become friends. I can't wait until you all get to meet Katie, Frankie and George!
I'm about halfway through Claire Douglas' Local Girl Missing, and I'm really enjoying it. It's an intriguing read and I can't wait to dive back into it later!
Local Girl Missing is the first full-length novel I've read from Claire Douglas, but I have read her short story, The Text this month, which is FREE at the moment - but do check before you buy in case this has changed since posting!
I've also read Sunrise at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett, Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood, Then She was Gone by Lisa Jewell, and I Followed The Rules by Joanna Bolouri.
January has been pretty good, TV-wise, with the return of Dancing On Ice, Hunted, The Good Place, and Inside No. 9.
 I've also discovered Vera this month. I've seen it advertised loads of times, but never actually watched it until this series. I'm now catching up on series 3 on ITV Encore and will hopefully get to watch the rest at some point!
My favourite TV program this month has been A House Through Time. I love history, so this was right up my street (excuse the pun). I hope the BBC makes more programs like this as it will make this history nerd very happy.
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My new favourite Instagram feed is beatrixandmidge - perfect if you like watching videos of a cat and dog play fighting!
So, that's where I'm at the moment! Let us know what you've been up to, or pass on any book/TV recommendations  :) 

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