Friday 13 July 2018

The Single Mums' Picnic Club Playlist

I set up the playlist for The Single Mums' Picnic Club while I was in the very early stages of the book. I knew I wanted my three main characters to be kick-ass women (even if they didn't yet know that's what they were) and I started to gather songs to reflect this; songs about strong women, who ooze confidence and know what they want from life. Katie, Frankie and George may not always feel they are these things, and they certainly have their weaknesses (but then everybody does. Even Supergirl has her issues with Kryptonite) but it's in there somewhere, deep down, waiting to be unleashed.

I hope you enjoy the playlist and it inspires you to be kick-ass too!

You can listen to the playlist here on the blog or click to open in your browser.

Katie thought she had the perfect family life by the sea – until her husband left her for another woman, abandoning her and their two children! She knows it’s finally time to move on but she’s unsure where to begin…

Frankie is shocked when gorgeous dog-walker Alex asks her on a date! As a single mum with her own business she struggles to put herself first, but maybe she’s ready to follow her heart?

George is used to raising her son on her own – but now he’s at nursery, her life feels empty. So when she meets Katie and Frankie at the beach, she realises that her talent for rustling up delicious picnics could be the perfect distraction!

But of course, life isn’t always a beach and as secrets begin to surface the three women’s lives are about to be turned upside-down…

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