Monday 12 August 2019

A Books & Writing Catch Up

It's been a while since I last posted on the blog - I had a little break after finishing the edits on The Accidental Life Swap, and I'm also pushed for time with it being the school summer holidays - so I thought it was time to have a quick catch up!

Writing-wise, I'm now plotting Book 11. I love this stage of the writing process, although it can be a bit daunting as I'm always worried the idea in my head won't transfer well onto the page, especially if the idea has been brewing for a while. Once my ideas are down on paper (or screen) I need to put together a synopsis for my editor, which is my least favourite part of the writing process. It doesn't matter how times I write a synopsis, they never get any easier. I would much rather write a whole 80-90k novel than a page or two of a synopsis!

I'm also gearing myself up for the publication of The Accidental Life Swap, which is now less than three weeks away. I've planned some book extras, which I'll put up here on the blog once the book is out, and I'll also be sending out a newsletter on publication day. As well as the usual book news and recommendations, there'll be a publication day giveaway, plus you'll get the chance to have your name used as a character name in my next book. I did this with The Accidental Life Swap and I'd love to do it again. Only newsletter subscribers will get the chance to take part, so make sure you've signed up before 1st September! If you haven't subscribed yet and would like to, click here to fill in the quick and easy form.

Each of my newsletters comes with a book recommendation (or two, sometimes even three) but I thought I'd shout about a couple of fantastic reads I've read recently here too. If you have any book recommendations of your own, let us know in the comments below this post :)

A God In Ruins is my favourite read of the year so far. I'd read a proof copy of its companion book, Life After Life a few years ago and loved it so when I saw A God In Ruins on a book-sharing shelf, I knew I had to borrow it.

The book follows Teddy Todd and his family as war breaks out and he becomes a fighter pilot, moving through the decades to see how his life - and those around him - turns out over the twentieth century. It was such a heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) book that I didn't want it to end. And when it did, I didn't want to relinquish it. But I had only borrowed the book, so I dutifully returned it to its shelf - and then bought my own copy, along with Life After Life, which I should have bought myself a long time ago!

Last year, I read my first Kate Morton book, The House at Riverton, which was one of my favourite reads of 2018. I knew I had to catch up on her other books, so a couple of weeks ago I read The Forgotten Garden - and loved it just as much!

Like A God In Ruins, The Forgotten Garden sweeps across the decades to tell the story of a little girl who was found abandoned on an Australian dock after travelling across from England during the lead up to the First World War. I love Kate Morton's writing and the way it draws you into the mystery, and I'll definitely read more of her books in the future!

So, that's my books and writing catch up. Remember to share any recommendations in the comments below :)

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