Sunday 1 September 2019

Writing Book Ten: Part Fifteen - Happy Ebook Publication Day To Me!

I'm keeping a diary of the writing process of Book 10, from the first words to publication.

It's here! Publication Day for The Accidental Life Swap has arrived (for the ebook, at least. We have to wait a little bit longer for the paperback and audio).

It's always a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to publication day; on one hand it's incredibly exciting that all the hard work you and the publishing team have put into the book has paid off and you have an actual book for people to read, but on the other hand you have a book for people to read. And THAT is incredibly nerve-wracking. I don't know how writers end up with any fingernails left at all by the time publication day rolls around!

I have had some lovely reviews already from early readers, which is fabulous and I can let out a teeny sigh of relief that at least a few people have enjoyed the book - and hopefully more will too!

Although I finished writing the book a while ago, I've still been working on extra content in the meantime, and I'll be posting the 'Book Extras' here on the blog over the next few weeks, from my dream cast, the book's playlist and more. I've also been putting together a newsletter (if you're a subscriber, it should be in your inbox right now), with a subscriber-exclusive giveaway of a gorgeous little house pendant. When I was looking for a prize, this pendant jumped right out at me as I think it fits perfectly with the book.

If you haven't subscribed to my newsletter yet, you can sign up here

While I was writing the book, I asked for help naming some of the animals on my Facebook page, so if you took part you might recognise some of the names used. Remember, if one of your suggestions was used in the book, your name will be in the acknowledgements, so look out for that!

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