Friday 20 January 2023

A New Year Catch Up

We're over halfway through January (but it feels like this month has been going for at least six months) so I thought I would do a quick catch up of what I've been up to so far in 2023:

What Are You Working On?

I'm currently editing my 14th book, which will be released in July. It doesn't have a title yet because although I can write an 80k+ novel, I can't think of a few more words to give my book a decent name.

The book is crammed full of summer, which is quite nice to dive into when it's so cold here at the moment. I've really enjoyed visiting Elodie in the sunshine while it's been snowing in reality! I'm time travelling again in this book, which is loads of fun and I can't wait to share Elodie's story a bit later on in the year.

Laptop & Mug

I'm also thinking about the three-part short story I'm going to be writing and sending out with my newsletter. I already know it's going to have a magical time-hoppy element to it so I'm looking forward to starting it once this round of edits are done. If you'd like to read my not-yet-written story, you can sign up for my newsletter here.

What Are You Reading?

I'm reading Josh Widdicombe's memoir, Watching Neighbours Twice a Day which is full of 90s nostalgia of popular culture. I was born in the same year as Josh Widdicombe so this book is the perfect trip down memory lane of TV and music (and yes, I do remember the 999 episode with the javelin through the neck. Vividly).

Josh Widdicombe | Watching Neighbours Twice a Day

What Are You Watching?

There's some great telly on at the moment: The Masked Singer, the return of Dancing on Ice, Call the Midwife and, for the mega-nerd in me, Only Connect. I've also been enjoying Marie Antoinette, which I wasn't sure I would, and I've finally started to watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix (which wasn't such a good move as it's being removed on 2nd February. I'm hoping to power through the first season at least).

I've also been re-watching the first two series of Happy Valley with my oldest teen so we can watch the third instalment. We've only got one episode of series 2 to go and I'm looking forward to jumping into a series I haven't watched yet.

What Have You Been Instagramming?

Instagram Grid | @writer_jenn

I've started 2023 by Instagramming my usual combo of books, tea, Luna and sweet treats.

So that's my New Year catch up. I hope you've had a good start to 2023 :)


  1. All of your books look and sound amazing. I better grab a few!

  2. Starting with the freebie. Thank you!

  3. I love Josh Widdicombe! Can't believe I didn't realise he had a book out!

    Also, hi! LOL, I'm getting back into blogging and it's nice to see some familiar faces are still here! x

    1. It's such a fun read, especially if you grew up in the 90s.

      Welcome back :)


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