Friday 17 February 2023

Five More Writing Tips

5 Writing Tips

I've shared my writing tips here on the blog and I thought I'd put together a helpful compilation of a few of them

Writing to Music

I can't write in silence. I have to have music on in the background. Sometimes this is just general music on the radio but other times I use music to set the mood.

You can see my full post sharing how I use music to aid my writing here

Keep it Pinteresting

I've used Pinterest loads while writing, whether it's creating mood boards for characters or settings or plotting out the whole book in pins.

You can see my full post about keeping it Pinteresting here

Five Point Pitch

Plotting a book can be daunting but one technique I've found useful is creating a five-point pitch as a starting point.

You can find my full post about creating a five-point pitch here

Bullet Point Plot & Three Act Structure

Once you have a five-point plot, you can turn that into a bullet point plot and then a three-act structure.

You can see my full post about creating bullet point plots and three-act structures here

Daily Word Counts & Total Tallies

Motivation always seems to slip somewhere along the way of writing a novel and I've found a couple of ways to help me keep going through the tough times when the words don't want to come out.

You can see my post about keeping a daily word count and total tally here

I hope you find my writing tips useful. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below :)

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