Wednesday 12 October 2011

Book 1 - Lightbulb Moments & Competitions

Last week I was really struggling with Chapter Six. It just wasn't working and no amount of tweaking could improve it. After picking at it for days, I thought enough was enough. I would delete the whole chapter and start it again.

I felt much better after making this decision and later on that day I had a lightbulb moment. I realised why the chapter wasn't working. Instead of simply rewriting the chapter, I had to write it from scratch, without the content that was already there. It seems obvious now but I really couldn't see it at the time.

So I wrote Chapter Six and I think (hope) it is better. I'm certainly feeling more positive about my book again and am able to move on.

Also this week I have been working on the It Started With A Kiss flash fiction competition. I've never attempted a piece of flash fiction before and have come to the conclusion that they are really HARD. And I thought regular short stories were difficult!

I've had a go and sent off my attempt. I don't think it's up to scratch but it is my first attempt and it was fun to write something other that the Current Project.

This week I am going to send off my autumn short story and my first 100 words of the Current Project for the Cornerstone Literary Consultancy competition. I am also working on a Halloween short story but this one is just for fun. I might post it on here if I feel confident enough.

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